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Our Speakers
Andrew Graham-Dixon
Born in London in 1960, Andrew Graham-Dixon is one of the leading art critics and presenters of arts television in the English-speaking world. He has presented numerous landmark series on art for the BBC, including the acclaimed A History of British Art, Renaissance and Art of Eternity, as well as numerous individual documentaries on art and artists. He has written a number of acclaimed books, on subjects ranging from medieval painting and sculpture to the art of the present.
“Andrew Graham-Dixon is the most gifted art critic of his generation. Unsparing, witty and probing, with a supple style, a real passion for the concrete body of art and a clear sense of its social environment, he encourages you to think and feel”. Robert Hughes, former art critic of Time magazine and writer of TheShock of the New.
Caravaggio: A Life Sacred And Profane. 2009
Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel. 2008
In the Picture: The Year Through Art. 2002
Raphael: The Renaissance Virtuoso | National Gallery
Andrew Graham Dixon
Travel with Vasari
The always insightful Andrew Graham-Dixon presents an incredibly intriguing and thorough documentary on the life and literary output of the world’s first art historian, Giorgio Vasari.
Jay Xu - Director of Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Dr. Jay Xu has served as director and CEO of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco since 2008, and he is the first Chinese American director at a major American art museum. Xu is committed to deepening understanding of Asian art and culture in the global context, and to advocating the art museum as an essential platform for cross-cultural understanding. His vision for the Asian Art Museum is to embrace and explore interconnectivity between artistic ideas in Asia and in the rest of the world, and between traditional and contemporary art.

Xu earned his MA and PhD in early Chinese art and archaeology at Princeton University, and has had more than thirty years of extensive international museum as a research scholar, curator, and museum director. He has held administrative and curatorial positions at the Shanghai Museum; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Seattle Art Museum; and Art Institute of Chicago. A dedicated, award-winning scholar of Chinese art, Xu is well-published, particularly on ancient Chinese bronzes and archaeology. He has also lectured extensively on Asian art, including contemporary art, and on museum practice.
Xu is a member of the Association of Art Museum Directors; a member of the Advisory Council of the Department of Art and Archaeology, Princeton University; and a senior visiting professor at the College of Liberal Arts, Shanghai University. He is also a member of the Committee of 100, a national nonpartisan organization composed of American citizens of Chinese descent who have achieved positions of leadership in the United States in a broad range of professions. In 2015, Dr. Xu became the first Asian American museum director elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Since its founding in 1780 by John Adams, the Academy is one of the nation’s most prestigious honorary societies and enjoys the longest history. It has elected leading “thinkers and doers” from each generation, including founding fathers of the United States, Nobel laureates, and winners of various other distinguished prizes.
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