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West Coast Of US Golf Cultural Journey


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Welcome to West Coast Of US Golf Cultural Journey!

California is surrounded by the sea coast line. There is the famous top golf courses, professional golf competitions, US Golf open competitions, all are known to the world. The golf courses are everywhere by the coast line, besides the Pacific Ocean, the mist surrounded, the sunset is beautiful. It could create the splendid life of us. The West US Golf cultural journey is especially for the golf players, the natural golf courses to the top simple countryside hotels. And there are the mountains surrounded red woods forest to the Mediterranean rich little town. There are the red wine, and the spring. If you come from China, you could lead a high class life beginning from here.

Take the international airline to the west US coast city – San Francisco
When arrive, take you to the hotel
After lunch, go to the city of San Francisco, and the Golden gate bridge
Visit the San Francisco Asian Arts Museum
When the visitors are above 10, every one could listen to the experts explaining the antique differentiation and how to collect, with a cheap price.
Hotel: The Fairmont San Francisco
This is the old western US greek style, presidential hotel, went through the severe earthquake, and without any damage, and remained landmark。It is also the place where the previous presidents live while in San Francisco.

4 hours of morning Golf.It is established in 1931, one of the oldest north California private clubs. Standard professional Golf course, located at the top of the mountains, surrounded by the red woods, countryside elegance, the city view of San Francisco is under our eyes.Go to the pebble beach after lunch.Go by the California coast fascinating happy red woods, country town sand beach beautiful sceneries.Arrive the well known beach resort Montery Bay, playing, photography and take dinner at Carmel. The famous Clint Eastwood romantic countryside lunch, steak, lamb chops, California beers, local red wines. Hotel: Pebble beach Hotel

17 miles traveling to Famous Polynesian carmel town, local coffee, local dishes. Fu Ting watches shop: the Rolex watches tested under the water. In the afternoon, 4 hourse golf course and in the evening, Dasul beautiful evening sunset. Dinner at California famous restaurant, thousands of red wine collection, the local sea foods, abalone, local delicious food. We may arrange local people negotiating the California economy, culture, and agriculture, dining together. Hotel: Pebble beach Hotel

In the morning, 4 hours golf courses. Go to the southern California after lunch.
Appreciate the beautiful scenery of southern California coast line, go by the Hurst Castle, Dutch village.
Arrive Los Angeles in the evening. Hotel: Los Angeles 5 star resort hotel

4 hours of golf in Trump golf course after breakfast.
The only golf course in western US for Trump, luxurious and elegant California coast line.
Los Angeles city tour.
We may arrange local commercial activity.
Hotel: Los Angeles 5 star resort village.

Breakfast, take the bus to the Palm Spring
Morning Golf: PGA West US west professional Golf course. Resort, Spring Healing etc. Double palm spring healing resort is built with surrounding giant old palm tree and the red woods, 77 acre oasis. Newly decorated 77 suits guest rooms are located in the green oasis. The restro guest rooms are located in the water healing ceter, health center, Yoga room and by the restaurant.
Hotel: double palm spring healing resort village.

Breakfast, take the bus to the Las Vegas. In the afternoon, travel to the strip long street, from Luxor to MGM wine hotel, visiting the various world first class wine hotels, and see the music fountains of Bellagio wine hotel. Hotel:4-5 stars Las Vegas hotel

In the morning, 4 hours of golf courses: wolf golf club.
The gentle vibrating palm trees, waterfalls, green tracks crossing over. The red rock country club has the natural scenery designed by the Arnold Palmer. The ancient big red cliff witness the heroic golf playing posture. Shopping in the afternoon. Hotel: Las Vegas 4-5 stars hotels.

Going home after breakfast


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