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Complete health Screenings

Our complete health screenings are designed to diagnose potential health issues early.
Early detection promotes wellness & saves lives.
To schedule an appointment, please call +1 (800) TO-HEALTH
We offer different health screening packages, as well as a variety of customized health screening studies designed for each individual
Health screening packages
  • Premiere Package
  • Executive Package
  • Total Health Package
Customized health screenings
Complete customized health screenings designed for each individual based on personal risk factors, family and genetic history.
Patients receive the highest level of personalized care in a comfortable, comprehensive, private facility, with same day results.
Empowering you to take charge of your health through
the power of prevention
8900 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90211, USA
Phone: +1.310.432.8900 • +1.800.TO.HEALTH • Fax: +1.310.432.8901 • www. BHHealthCenter.com

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Premier Package ($3,200)
  • PhysicianVisit (Detailed Medical History)
  • Height,Weight, BMI, Blood Pressure
  • Urine Analysis
  • Electrocardiogram (Cardiac Study, EKG)
  • DEXA Bone Density
  • Ultrasound Abdomen/Liver
  • Blood Tests:
    • Complete Blood Count
    • Complete Metabolic Panel
    • Lipid Panel (Cholesterol,Triglycerides, HDL Ratio)
    • Thyroid Function Tests
    • Hbg A1c (Diabetes)
    • Liver Function Tests
    • PSA Prostate Cancer Test (MEN)
    • CA 15-3 Breast Cancer Marker (WOMEN)
  • Discussion of results with physician
Executive Package ($5,900)
Includes Premier Package and the following:
  • Full Body Scan CT (Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis
  • Stool Test for Blood
  • Ultrasound Carotid
  • CT Coronary Calcium Score
  • Vitamin D 25
Total Health Package ($10,400)
Includes Executive Package and the following:
  • PET/CTWhole Body
  • Cardiac Echogram
  • Brain MRI
Other Scans and Screenings Including:*
PET/CT Whole Body
PET/CT Brain for Alzheimer’s disease
MRI:(Ex: Brain,Abdomen, Pelvis, Breast)
MRI Angiogram: (ex: Brain, Neck)
CT Scan: (Ex: Chest,Abdomen, Pelvis, Neck)
CT Angiogram: (Ex: Neck, Pelvis)
Ultrasound Study:(Ex: Pelvis, Abodomen,Kidneys,Carotid,Thyroid)
HIV Test (1&2)
Cancer Marker Lab Tests:
CEA (Stomach, Colon, Lung, Breast)
AFP (Liver)
CA 19-9 (Pancreas, Stomach, Colon)
CA 125 (Ovary)
CA 15-3 (Breast)
OBICT (Colon)
TPSA (Prostate)
FPSA (Prostate)
Targeted Genetic Testing:
Comprehensive Cancer Screening Panel
(Breast, Ovarian, Colon, Stomach, Skin,
Endometrial, Prostate, Pancreatic)
Breast Cancer (BRCA)
Prostate Cancer
Melanoma/Skin Cancer
Ovarian Cancer and Breast Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer
Endometrial Cancer Panel
Uterine Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
* Can provide additional diagnostic imaging scans and screenings as requested, or based on results.


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Beverly Hills Health Center

Our complete health screenings are designed to diagnose potential health issues early.


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