1. Participants should create their personal profiles on the competition website www.jointalents.com before their submission on this same website.  The participants shall follow the instructions on the profile page to finish the registration. The Registration Fee must be paid before the actual submission.

2. For countries with limited internet access, postal registration is acceptable. The registration form and mailing address can be accessed from www.proficiency.com/download

3. Early registration is highly recommended. Early registration qualifies for a reduction in this fee.

Time line:

Feb 8, 2018 through April 1, 2018

Discount Fee Levels:

Junior Group:  $35/entry   $10 additional entry
Photography, Middle Group:  $45/entry   $20 additional entry
Painting, Senior Group:  $65/entry   $50 additional entry

4.  Regular Registration starts April 2, 2018

The Regular Registration Fee Levels:

Junior Group   $45/entry  $10 additional entry
Photography, Middle Group   $55/entry  $30 additional entry
Painting, Senior Group   $75/entry  $50 additional entry

Fees are waived for the most under-developed countries, and discounts are offered to other under developed countries. Full details will be available soon.