We Accept
Any inspriational stories or expeirences during your days or years visiting or working or living in America
First Prize x 3
Second Prize x 5
Third Prize x6
Why Participate?
For those of us that immigrated to America, with dreams and hopes, we owe our adopted home a big thank you. This land has educated, tempered and enriched us and our families in countless ways.

Early Chinese American stories might portray some of saddest immigration incidents. Their contributions to U.S. agriculture, railroad and various industries can be easily overshadowed by today's high tech and international investment.

With a century's perseverance, Chinese Americans carried on and stived in this new land, from San Francisco's Chinatown to New York's downtown, Chinese communities have blossomed in this country.

In the recent years, Mainland Chinese has picked up a new route into this golden free land, with new money and new generations investing in America. Chinese have never before been so in love with this country. With mordern technologies, America is closer than ever to Chinese, but how much do we truly understand America?

This Global essay contest, I love America, opens a window for all of us to share, listen and learn.