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Maestro Luca Battini
Maestro Battini is one few artists reinvented renaissance techniques in a contemporary style. He has been trained in all of the major classical techniques (fresco, drawing, oil painting and egg tempera) at the school found by great Maestro Pietro Annigoni. With over 15 years as a professional painter, his talent goes beyond simply reproducing traditional art, to use time-honored methods as the basis for a new mode of realistic expression.

While the models belong to the present day, in the context of his creations they become simultaneously a part of the past and the present. This dual spirit molds his pieces; imbuing each of them with the artistic heritage of Italy while giving fresh inspiration for powerful expression in brilliantly realized objects of art.
Of his passion for art, he states: "I love to think of my painting as something deeply attached to my Tuscan land and its traditions, through a process that brings humankind to its deepest roots, preserving and handing down this ancient knowledge, telling the beauty in our time, everywhere in the world through the ancient techniques; this is the object of my artistic production. "
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Jay Xu - Director of Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
First Chinese American director at a major US art museum and first Asian American museum director elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Jay Xu has been Director and CEO of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco—Chong-Moon Lee Center for Asian Art and Culture since 2008. Dr. Xu enjoys a rich variety of international museum experience over a period of thirty years as a research scholar, curator, and museum director. He earned his MA and PhD in early Chinese art and archaeology at Princeton University, and had previously worked in administrative and curatorial positions at the Shanghai Museum, China; the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; the Seattle Art Museum; and the Art Institute of Chicago. He was Pritzker Chairman of Department of Asian and Ancient Art at the Art Institute of Chicago, in charge of arts of Asia and of the ancient Mediterranean world including ancient Near Eastern, Greek and Roman cultures, before he joined the Asian Art Museum.
Dr. Xu is committed to deepening understanding of art and culture in the global context, and to advocating art museum as an essential platform for education, and for cross-cultural understanding and diplomacy. His vision is to explore and enhance global relevance and connections of art and culture, and interconnectivity between ancient and contemporary art.
A Selection of Artworks