When the Qing Emperor returned from escaping, his treasured arts, along with his Garden of Perfect Brightness, were burned down to ashes by a western military alliance. His imperial majesty never recovered from the loss. Art is dignity.

During the height of WWII, along with U.S. soldiers, Monuments Men were specially dispatched to the European battlefield, where they preserved countless artworks and cultural heritages amidst the unceasing barrage of bullets and bombings. Art is life.

Upon German surrender, Hitler ordered his troops to blow up an Austrian salt mine where hiding their lofted artworks. His soldiers disobeyed the order, which led to the recovery of over 6,500 great masterpieces that can still be seen today. Art is compassion.

Before Chiang Kai-shek withdrew from Mainland China, he first withdrew the cultural artefacts from 5,000 years of Chinese dynasties. His special task force risked everything to transport the artworks from north to south, over mountains and rivers, from Beijing to Taipei. Art is country.

Today, we have the best skills and technology to profusely demonstrate our breadth of artistic talents. With thoughtful study and continuous exploration, we can further our journey to celebrate human culture and life, uplifting and inspiring the world with beautiful artworks.