Submission Guidelines

Final Artwork Submission: December 10, 2019

We accept only digital photo submissions for initial jurying. Only finalists are required to send their paintings for the final judging and exhibition.
Final Artwork Submission: December 10, 2019

International Talent Competition – 2019 Painting Contest

Impressions of the World painting competition accepts the entries of all subjects, including Figurative, Landscape, Still Life, Portraiture, Historic Events, Religions, Sites, Cities/Towns/Villages, Plants and Animals, etc. The subjects shall represent entrants' cultures, traditions, societies, lifestyles or countries.
$75 registration fee includes up to two entries for oil painting or two entries for Chinese painting/Lian Huan Hua.

$20 for each additional entry.
Western Painting Mediums:
Oil Painting/Watercolor/Pastel/Acrylic
Chinese Painting Mediums:
Lian Huan Hua - Chinese brush painting, Chinese ink painting
All Submissions:
  • All entries must be original created by the persons submitting, and preferably produced within last three years. The entrants will be held responsible for any rights violations, disputes, including artworks, drawings, paintings, pictures, photos, portrait rights or any other intellectual property rights.
  • Artworks can be uploaded through registration portal, or email ( or via Talent Page. The concept of creation, background, and artist’s bio with detail contact information must be submitted along with the artworks.
  • All artworks should be submitted in jpeg or tiff format. The file size should not exceed 15MB. File name format: artwork name-artist's full name-country name. Example: Sunset-JessicaSmith-USA (without space)
  • The committee will notify the artists about their qualifications for online exhibition and sales. The semi-finalists will be notified for any additional on-site exhibitions or sales events. All finalists’ artworks are qualified for Impressions of the World Exhibition Tour and private sales events.
  • All registered participants are qualified for Talent Week registration. Details of the post-competition activities and arrangements will be announced.
  • There is no size limitation for paintings. For the winners to ship the painting for exhibitions, oversize paintings might not qualify for exhibition travel.
Young Artists (18 years old and younger)
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