Submission Guidelines

Early Registration Discount: April 25, 2019
Exhibition Tour Registration: May 1, 2019
Final Artwork Submission: July 20, 2019
Global Online Exhibition: August 1, 2019
Participants can submit up to three entries for oil painting and two entries for Chinese Lianhuanhua painting. Artworks have to be produced within the last three years.
  • All entries must be original created by the persons submitting, and preferably produced within last three years. The entrant will be held responsible for any rights violations, disputes, including artworks, drawing, paintings, video footages, pictures, photos, portrait rights or any other intellectual property rights.
  • There is no size limitation for paintings. However, for shipping and transporting convenience, oversize paintings might not suitable for the exhibition tour, and might be denied for exhibition tour. Entries would take a full responsibility for artwork shipping and transport for exhibitions and sales event.
  • Artworks can be uploaded through registration portal, or email ( or via artist’s profile page, Talent Page. The concept of creation, background, and artist’s bio with detail contact information must be submitted along with artworks.
  • All artworks, except for video, should be submitted in jpeg or tiff format. The file size should not exceed 15MB. File name format: artwork name-artists full name-country name. Example: Sunset-JessicaSmith-USA (without space)
  • The committee will notify the artists about their qualifications for global online exhibition and sales. The semi-finalists will be notified for any additional on-site exhibitions or artwork sales. All finalists are qualified for Impressions of the World Exhibition Tour and private sales events.
  • All registered participants are qualified for Talent Week registration first priority. Details of the post-competition activities and private sales arrangements will be announced.
  • To secure exhibition tour and artwork sales events, the early registration and submission are highly desirable.
  • Entrants are welcomed to register their profiles as early as possible. Entrant’s profile will be saved and editable before the final submission by July 20, 2019.
  • For the artists, 18 years old and younger, can submit master copies of Renaissance Masters’ paintings. The lists of artists and their sample works can be viewed at:
  • For high school and under, and to obtain student discounts and special educational program, please contact schools to request group code from competition committee. At
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