International Talent Competition is a platform—an “online Florence”—to bring together the world’s talented young people and modern-day Medicis to contribute to the betterment of our collective humanity.

This novel platform is born out of NSC’s vision that our collective humanity consists of and is enriched by the cultural heritages of people through all generations. And, for our collective humanity to endure and avoid the fate of lost civilizations, we must consciously and concertedly preserve our past and bridge the future with holistic, cross-boundary approaches.

This holistic vision sees that the loss of one is a loss to the whole, and that, taking into consideration past lessons of suppression and conquest, the answer to differences is in open communication; the more each story gets told, the more we know the whole story, and the more we come to appreciate the spectrums and their boundaries as part of a rainbow.

NSC’s holistic vision also sees advancements in any area of human activity as serving the whole instead of obliterating the rest, and the achievement of a generation is a page in the whole volume. For our collective humanity to be enriched and flourish, we need all ideas and tools to converge, instead of the prevailing ones to replace all others.

For our rainbow to extend and our book to continue, we need our artists to continue to compose and paint and our story-tellers and teachers to continue to transmit culture and values. We must also provide them with the best support and at the same time encourage them to try the best new tools.

The NSC International Talent Competition is therefore a practice of this holistic vision, a platform built on today’s growing social network and technology for the preservation of our most ancient culture and values.